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Established in 2005, Procera has become a leading cognitive health brand, developing and innovating a line of products specifically designed to support brain health. Our doctor-developed formulas, customer first philosophy and pioneering leadership have helped millions of people nationwide to optimize the health of their brain.

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Dr. Shawn Watson

P.h.D NeuroScientist

Doctor Formulated Products

Dr. Shawn Watson, is a P.h.D Neuro Scientist who is dedicated to finding solutions for brain aging. 

Dr. Watson is the genius behind our latest brain health formula, NeuroGenius. A breakthrough, multitargeted solution that helps strengthen the repair cycle of fatty tissue in the brain. Resulting in an average improvement of 25% in six key cognitive functions which include: reaction time, spacial memory, decision making, learning, and emotional intelligence.

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I’ve taken Procera for several years. For some reason I ran out and noticed my memory was not great again. I remember when I took it, I could see a remarkable improvement in my memory within 3 days. I could remember things like names of movies, places, people’s names, all sorts of things. I am reordering more. One thing that is very important. Keep these in the refrigerator. I was on auto refill and did not have them in the refrigerator. When I opened them, the contents of the capsule was mush, no good. Other than that I highly recommend this product.

– Debbie M. California

Why doesn’t everyone take this?!

I had been having major anxiety issues for no apparent reason really and I would stress out very easily. I was at CVS looking for cold meds for my little girl and I accidentally ended up in the vitamin aisle and this quickly caught my eye. It was almost like I was meant to find it. I was skeptical at first and I literally stood in the aisle and Googled Procera Mood for 15 minutes and I didn’t find any bad reviews so I thought “What the heck”. I LOVE IT! I don’t dwell on anything anymore and my brain is so sharp. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t take this!

– Heather D. Virginia

Has made a difference!

I purchased this for my son to assist him with better focus in school. We have tried multiple supplements, but all were disappointing – but gratefully, I believe our search is Over!! Right away he commented that he even felt a difference and it seems to last most of the day. I have noticed that his mood is also better (was not expecting this wonderful side effect!) The supply was getting low, so I asked him if I should order again or forget about it — He said order more mom!

– Kate H. Colorado