Protect Your Brain and Body With Procera Protect.  

Comprised of powerful antioxidants and vitamins that that provide cellular protection, detoxification and immune system support for your body and brain.


Protect Your Brain And Body With Procera Protect.  

Comprised of powerful antioxidants and vitamins that that provide cellular protection, detoxification and immune system support for your body and brain.

Immune Boosting Antioxidants & Detoxifiers 

Enviornmental toxins are all around us, from the food we eat, water we drink and everyday products we use...

Regular exposure to toxins can cause damage to our cells, negatively impacting our body and brain health. This damage is done by free radicals and environmental toxins from sources such as air pollution or heavy metals. When low levels of free radicals and/or heavy metals are present, our body is normally able to bind them up with antioxidants we either make in our cells (glutathione) or get from our diet (such as vitamins A, C, and E or polyphenols).

If we do not have enough antioxidants present to bind all the toxins in our body, then damage is done to our cells. This damage can result in health issues such as brain fog, fatigue, digestive discomfort or a weakened respiratory and immune system. For these reasons, regular antioxidant protection and detoxification is extremely important to the health of key organs such as your brain and lungs.

Procera Protect was developed to provide daily antioxidant and detoxification support to help combat these harmful toxins and free radicals found in everyday life. Our blend of 9 powerful ingredients (Alpha Lipoic Acid, Curcumin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin, Vitamin D3 and Zinc) works synergistically to protect your cells, making it an ideal brain, respiratory and lung supplement.

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Procera Protect Health Benefits 

Procera Protect includes powerhouse antioxidants such as Quercetin, Resveratrol and Turmeric Curcumin to protect and support your whole body - including the brain, lungs, respiratory and immune support systems.

Why We Created Procera Protect:  

Procera Protect was specifically developed to provide daily antioxidant and detoxification support. Through our science and clinical research, we learned of the damaging effects of these environmental toxins on the brain, body and immune system and strove to find a solution. 

Procera Protect is comprised of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and Zinc that work together to boost your immune defenses. Antioxidants Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid and N Acetyl Cysteine provide cellular protection and help promote a healthy inflammatory response. Plant derived Quercetin and Turmeric Curcumin protect the body from harmful toxins, free radicals and heavy metals found in everyday life. The ingredients are designed to work together to strengthen the essential detoxification systems of the body making Procera Protect an ideal detoxification support supplement for any brain or lung detox program. 

The benefits provided by Procera Protect make it an excellent complementary companion to several of our foundational brain health products such as: Procera AVH, Procera Advanced Brain and Procera Memory Support.

Common Supplement Results:

Customers report positive and noticeable results when used consistently for 4 or more weeks.*

Suggested Use:  

Take 2 capsules daily with food.

Ingredients Overview:

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is thought to be one of the secrets behind the brainboosting effects of spinach. It is a powerful antioxidant that promotes other neuroprotective, antioxidant agents, such as Vitamins C and E, as well as CoQ10. ALA also helps boost levels of glutathione, one of the brain’s most important antioxidants and immune boosters.


Curcumin (CUR) is a bright orange yellow polyphenol found in the spice turmeric that activates detoxification enzymes. In addition to its neuroprotective qualities, it helps support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Vitamin B12 MethylCobalamin 

MethylCobalamin (MCB) is the most brain active form of Vitamin B-12 and it is essential from proper neurological function. MCB helps repair damaged neural tissue resulting from normal aging, lifestyle excesses, and free radical damage.


N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is an amino acid and a powerful neuroprotective and detoxifying agent. NAC, along with Alpha Lipoic Acid, also helps increase glutathione, the body’s most powerful immune system enhancer.


Quercetin (QURC) is a dietary flavonoid found in many plants, including tea, apples, onions, ginkgo biloba and citrus, and is considered one of the best neuroprotective molecules found in nature. QURC is believed to be the most active of the flavonoids and it has been shown to promote potent antioxidant activities and respiratory health.


Resveratrol (RES) is a potent antioxidant and phytochemical found in more than 70 plants, including dark-skinned grapes, berries, and certain herbs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the function of various immune cells and enhances their ability to protect against upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold.

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient essential to the health and functioning of your immune system. Vitamin D boosts white blood cells that are important parts of your immune defense.


Zinc is an essential mineral that supports cell development and communication and plays an important role in inflammatory response.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with your Procera Protect supplements, for up to 30 days after shipment, return any unopened products and we’ll give you a full refund for the purchase price of your items.*

*Shipping & handling excluded. Partial returns will be prorated.

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