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Brain Health / Foundational

Brain Fog: 5 Potential Causes

Jonathan M. / June 17, 2019
Brain Health / Foundational

Tackling Cognitive Decline Head On

Brain Health / Foundational

The Effects of Stress on The Brain and What You Can Do


At some point we all have to deal with health issues like aches, pains or discomfort. While many of these resolve themselves, sometimes symptoms can linger for months or years with seemingly no explanation. We believe that the best approach to health issues begins with a whole-body perspective. Your health is a complex ecosystem that is tied into your lifestyle, emotions, habits, environment and diet. Here you will find researched articles to address specific symptoms you might be facing. Each article contains practical information to help you overcome health issues from a holistic perspective.


How The Digestive System Changes With Age

People of every age experience digestive issues from time to time, but as we get older, annoyances like constipation, diarrhea and gas can become increasingly...
Gut Brain Axis

The Gut-Brain Axis: How Your Gut Could Be Controlling What You Think

If you’re struggling with cognitive issues, your first instinct is probably not to think about your gut health. However, as more scientific research unfolds, experts...

Can Headaches & Migraines Cause Brain Damage?

If you deal with frequent migraines or headaches, then you know that finding relief isn’t always a simple fix. While over-the-counter products like aspirin can...

Brain Fog: 5 Potential Causes

When it comes to being mentally sharp, we all have good days and bad days. There are times our minds seem to fire on all...
The Keys To Maintaining Healthy Joints And An Active Lifestyle

Natural Ways to Improve Your Joint Health

Many of us don’t realize how much we rely on our joints every day for simple tasks. Your joints are responsible for every conceivable action...
Tackling Age-Related Cognitive Decline Head On

Tackling Cognitive Decline Head On

  Article At-A-Glance: Although it’s not obvious, your brain is in a constant state of evolution. In your 20’s and 30’s, you may not notice...

The Link Between Clutter & Stress

If stress has been a major issue lately, you may want to take a quick look around you. According to Dr. Sherry Bourg Carter of...

Key Adaptogenic Herbs for Burnout & Fatigue

  Article At-A-Glance Adrenal fatigue is an issue that has been debated and questioned for years; yet droves of Americans still report persistent and unexplainable...

The Effects of Stress on The Brain and What You Can Do

  Article At-A-Glance Holiday stress is only part of a much bigger epidemic in society. Researchers are concluding that stress has evolved into an imminent...

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