Procera Essentials Multivitamin

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Nearly all of us have vitamin deficiencies of some kind or another, and although a multivitamin should never “replace” a healthy diet, it can fill in the dietary gaps that all of us experience.

  • Complete with essential vitamins, minerals, cofactors, carotenoids, herbs and antioxidants.
  • Contains essential B & C vitamins to support neurotransmitters of the central nervous system.
  • Contains the highest-grade vitamins and other essential ingredients that make it superior to anything else on the market.

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  • FILLS THE GAP: Procera Essentials Complete Multivitamin is a daily health supplement. These complete nutrition pills fill in dietary gaps and fight vitamin deficiency. Procera Essentials contains cofactors, carotenoids, herbs and antioxidants.
  • COMPLETES YOU: Supplement a healthy diet by providing essential B vitamins & vitamin C to support neurotransmitters of the central nervous system, as well as a complete and balanced supply of the most abundant essential minerals and components the body needs.
  • PROTECTS YOU: Procera Essential vegetarian capsules contain a blend of herbs such as quercetin, grape extract, turmeric and stevia. These are natural antioxidants that have been proven to boost the immune system and protect against serious health issues.
  • PROMOTES BALANCE: Procera’s daily vitamins helps you achieve a well-balanced nutritional diet. Our fast-paced lives often get in the way of eating a healthy meal, Procera fills in those gaps and gives you the right amount of daily nourishment you need.
  • A NAME YOU WON’T FORGET: Established in 2005, Procera Health is a leading wellness company dedicated to helping individuals optimize their mental performance and cognitive function. We partner with global research experts to develop products derived from natural, plant based ingredients.

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3 reviews for Procera Essentials Multivitamin

  1. Chris K

    I take it everyday and it’s fantastic. It provides me with everything I need and more! I am in medical school so I learn about the benefits of some of the lesser known ingredients like N-Acetyl-Cysteine which is a natural treatment for many inflammatory conditions because of it’s potent antioxidant power.

  2. Lyndi

    This multivitamin is a cut above the rest

    “I’ve taken non-natural multivitamins in the past, but hadn’t taken one in years because they typically upset my stomach. What I especially like about Procera Essentials Multivitamin & Minerals is that it is complete in vitamins, but also rich in minerals and antioxidants, which are particularly important when we hit middle age and need energy and nutrition support. It makes me feel as if it is working WITH my system and not against it; I never have stomach upset when I take it, even when I haven’t eaten, and I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better. Do the research. This one is a cut above.”—Lyndi, Virginia

  3. Courtney

    The best multivitamin!

    I’ve always taken over the counter multivitamins and considered the quality of ingredients until my doctor explained the difference and suggested I try Procera’s Multivitamin. i didn’t notice a difference at first, but kept taking it anyways because i bought so many bottles. Six months later, I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my overall health. My day-to-day energy has increased greatly, my hair skin and nails are much healthier, and I haven’t been sick as frequently as I used to be. I highly recommend this multivitamin to all my friends/family and will be certainly be a customer for life!

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