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Established in 2005, Procera has become a leading brain health brand by developing and innovating a line of products specially designed to support brain health. As a leader in the space, we believe very strongly in providing our customers with more than “just another supplement.” Our doctor-formulated memory, energy, focus, sleep and mood products help our customers take charge of their brain health and its performance throughout the course of their lives.

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The Culmination of Research on Cognitive Function

In the late 1990s, our research was focused on naturally occurring substances that had been shown to help increase blood flow to the brain, support mitochondrial function, and promote cholinergic function (including acetylcholine synthesis). A thorough review of scientific literature was conducted and revealed that there were several promising ingredients of this nature that could be used to support brain health. Our research and development team, with input from brain research experts, assembled these potential cognitive ingredients into various amounts and ratios that were then tested after receiving IRB approval through the Natrol online research monitored by the UC Irvine, Institute of Brain Aging.

Using an online version of the Cognometer (the same tool used by prestigious medical schools), they were able to collect results from more than 800 test subjects (from a starting population of roughly 2000). Three of the five formulas showed promising cognitive enhancing results, and the research was included in the poster presentation to the Society For Neuroscience (SFN) annual convention in 2003. Based on those test results, the team refined the formula and ultimately arrived at the precise combination of three active ingredients: Acetyl-l-carnitine, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A2. It was this combination of ingredients in a specific volume and ratio that became the patented supplement, Procera AVH®.  Procera AVH was the company’s first product and it is used today by thousands of people for daily brain health and cognitive function support.

Case Study: Procera AVH

Procera AVH® was evaluated in a small, exploratory study at the prestigious Brain Sciences Institute in Australia. The Brain Sciences Institute is considered one of the leading companies in the world for testing both natural and pharmaceutical products designed to support cognitive health and performance. Procera AVH®’s study was randomized, double blind and placebo controlled. The research was published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA).

  1. See Abstract of the Natrol study “poster presentation” to the SFN.
  2. As discussed above, these three ingredients were designed to work in synergy to address age-associated declines in cholinergic function, cerebral blood flow and metabolism, and mitochondrial function loss.
  3. Discusses the substantial body of scientific literature regarding the positive effects that these ingredients individually have on cognitive health.
Scientist testing Procera AVH side effects, hint there are none.


Over the years, the Procera product line has expanded due to breakthroughs in brain research and feedback from our loyal customers. Our product line includes doctor-developed formulas that support memory, energy, focus, sleep, mood and more. Procera works closely with clinical research organizations and brain health experts around the world to identify the best and highest-quality ingredients that support cognitive function and overall wellness. At Procera we put all of our focus on one major goal: to bring you an effective product based on the latest research in scientific development. Many of our product formulas have received patents by the U.S. Government and utilize naturally derived ingredients and dosages that are supported by clinical studies.



Brain Health Focus — Our singular focus and expertise has led to over a decade of established leadership in cognitive health.



Customer Connection — At Procera, we have expert health advisors available to help you through your journey towards optimal brain health.



Global Science Team —  Our International brain research team has participated in numerous clinical trials and regularly reviews the latest scientific research on brain health.



Product Quality — Our products are based on the latest scientific research and formulated with the highest quality naturally derived ingredients. 



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