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Super Hydrating, Brain Healthy, Green Juice!

Serving Size: Serves 1  |  Prep time: 5min  |  Total Time: 5min

Loaded with ginger, lemon, lime, celery, cucumber, and leafy greens, this amazing juice blend will not only to help detox, but it will keep you hydrated too! This recipe is great for your skin, your liver, your blood, your kidneys, and your brain! Not to mention, it’s full of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to keep you performing at your very best!


  • 1 full bunch of organic celery
  • 1 organic cucumber
  • ½ bunch of organic cilantro
  • 4 large Swiss chard leaves + stems
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1-2 inches of ginger


Step #1:  Gather all ingredients

Step #2:  Chop up all the ingredients into smaller pieces.

Step #3:  Slowly put the pieces into the blender one hand full at a time.  Be sure to get a mix of everything into the blender with each handful.

Step #4:  Juice and serve!


Recipe by: Dr. Jockers


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